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Loonatic Perspectives

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Donate to The Students Commission of Canada at You can also donate directly to the Students Commission of Canada by sending a cheque to: 23 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON; M4Y 1M7 , or call (416) 481-1487. Donations of between $35 and $49 receive a soft copy of the acclaimed book, Loonatic Perspectives, by Stoney McCart and Todd Ward; two of the founding staff of the Students Commission. Donations of between $50 and $99 receive a hard cover copy of the same book. Donations of $100 or more receive a personalized signed copy of the book.

Your contribution helps support the work of the Students Commission across Canada including our direct youth programming, research on youth development, partnerships with Aboriginal youth and communities and the day to day operations of the organization.

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An excerpt from Loonatic Perspectives

Suddenly, beside me, the loon surfaced. Never before had he come so close. This book is dedicated to the "aha" moment when the world suddenly shifts. Eyes register; trust is absolute; understanding flows. Two of the many gifts that have graced my life have been the joy of working with young people from across Canada and the joy of a pair of loons nesting on an old swimming raft smack in front of our cabin in a place called Go Home Bay. This book celebrates these two worlds and the shifts in perspectives and understanding that occur when one is offered the privilege of viewing life unfolding from such a close and intimate place. Moments and ideas, loons and people, explore the patterns that connect the disconnected: the pattern of a girl's shirt, the feathers on a loon's back. The foundation of our work and The Students Commission is its four pillars, embedded in all that it does: Respect, Listen, Understand and Communicate.™ These four pillars are immensely simple, and this book explores the immensity of that simplicity.

- Stoney McCart

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